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    First Printed Circuit Board!

    Fitting Parts, originally uploaded by estranged42.

    I got my first printed circuit board (PCB) design in the mail today. This is for a pretty simple blinking LED project.

    When UITS got its new logo, the dancing circuit people just screamed out to be made into a real PCB somehow. This is what I came up with. I realize using a full Arduino ATMega168 is a bit overkill for driving some LEDs, but I decided that I’d rather get a prototype working this year instead of deciphering datasheets for the smaller ATtiny series for the next 6 months.

    The basic idea is to just have the color changing LEDs fade between red and blue in various patterns. Pushing the button will cycle through a couple different blink patterns.

    I got these boards printed at BatchPCB. If you’re only wanting 1 or 2 small boards, they’re hard to beat for price. $45 for two boards, and they ended up sending me 4! Took about 20 days for them to get here, but they look great!


    UITS Circuit People EAGLE Schematic Files

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