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    Kirin & Sweet Potatoes


    So we’re working on eating real food now. She has goldfish down, and crackers. Sweet potatoes… well, that’s another story.

    We’ve also got more pictures from her birthday party up on flickr.



    Pima county fair

    Angela and Kirin enjoy a ride on the elephant! We went to the fair yesterday. It was windy, and we walked too much for Angela’s foot, but we had a mostly good time. Kirin was pretty enthralled I think, not smiling much, but huge wide eyes taking it all in.



    Kirin ponders the playset

    We went to the park today. Kirin actually climbed up onto the play-set, and then proceeded to climb all over it. Its pretty amazing how large of a step she can scramble up now. I'll get some more pictures posted soon.

    update: I've got more pictures uploaded to flickr, along with some vids below.


    Easter dinner


    Great grandpa, Ann, Kirin & Angela at dinner.



    Kirin discovers Pizookie.



    We took Kirin to Oreganos last night and introduced her to pizzookie. I think she likes it.



    We'll be walking soon.

    The big news lately is Kirin is starting to stand up on her own, and sort of stagger forward. Looks like we'll be progressing to toddler stage soon! *cringe*

    [QUICKTIME 480 360]

    [QUICKTIME 480 360]


    Kirin at Christmas

    Kirin from Christmas 2007.

    [QUICKTIME 480 360]


    Faster!  Faster!

    Kirin is really making huge strides on crawling speed. I think last weekend she was barely moving forward as much as she was moving backwards. Check out the video from today, the second one on that video page.

    We also have a second tooth poking through on the bottom. Looks like she'll get her two front teeth for Christmas.


    We have been upgraded to Rugrat status

    We have crawlings!

    We've had some scooting around for a week or two now, but actual forward progress is now being made in ernest.

    See the video!

    Kirin Crawled Away


    We have teeth!

    Well, one tooth at least. Kirin's first tooth is slowly poking its way through on the bottom. This of course seems to be leading to more nights of no sleep! Yay!


    San Francisco and Back Again

    Last week we took Kirin with us to San Francisco. It was her first plane trip. She did amazingly well, considering we had 4 delayed airplanes. I was going to ZendCon 2007, a conference for PHP programmers. Since the hotel was paid for, all we had to do is get Angela a ticket, and bring her and Kirin along for the ride.

    The conference was pretty much a geek-fest. Hundreds of programmers milling about, going to talks given by other programmers. We learned lots, and somehow I managed to pass the PHP certification test. Security was big, as was ajax/web2.0 stuff. Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, and a bunch of other big names are now taking PHP pretty seriously, and were at the conference in force.

    Anyhow, Angela managed to make it to downtown San Francisco one day with Kirin. BART trips, trolleys, strollers, all by themselves!

    Thursday my parents happened to be going through Oakland, so we managed to take the BART across the bay to meet them for dinner. I'll have to bug Dad for the name of the restaurant where we ate. It was a great oriental place, with awesome food.

    We got back to Tucson late Saturday night, and Kirin is still recovering from here upset schedule. Pictures below!


    Don't Waste My Time In Meetings

    I read a great article on meetings today. Best quote for me is near the end.

    A meeting must fight to exist. It must defend its existence to its attendees who should constantly be asking “Why are we here?”

    I'm fortunate enough to work in a great organization that has very rarely wasted my time. As we grow however, we constantly have to evaluate what we do, and why we do it.



    Kirin got a new bouncy plaything yesterday. She's getting to the point where she really wants to be sitting upright, and she isn't liking sitting in the swing or other chair we have much these days. She still likes the swing for getting to sleep, but during the day she definitely would rather be sitting up.

    There's a short video of her playing in her new chair also.


    Kirin goes to PHX

    We finally got up to Phoenix this past weekend. Angela's grandmother Carol finally got to see Kirin. Kirin has great grandparents! Its a bit too hot still to really travel comfortably with Kirin, and the last few miles she was getting pretty unhappy. All in all she traveled very well. We went to Tracy's birthday party Saturday evening, then stopped by the Fischer abode for an early dinner, then alas it was back to Tucson.

    More pictures on Flickr.

    There's a short movie from our stop at my parent's house also.



    Linda found some of Kat's baby clothes and sent us an awesome care package! Most of the clothes are a bit big for her still, but she wore (and spit up all over) one of the cutest little two piece dress outfits today!

    Kirin thanks you for the box!

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