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    Daycare and Work

    Well, Angela is doing really well. She's feeling good enough to actually start going back to work in a limited fashion. Unfortunately, the original idea of bringing Kirin to work with her isn't really going to work they decided. I had doubts about this idea, so it's not really surprising to me, but still it means we had to seriously start looking at daycare.

    Daycare for a vulnerable little person who is not quite 4 months old scares the bejeezers out of the both of us. You interview friends, find out who they trust, visit the place, see good things... but when you drop off your daughter with a relative stranger and have to walk away while she's screaming her head off... well its pretty much one of the hardest things I've had to do in my life.

    I think I'm taking it slightly better than Angela, she had a real hard time going this morning, even though we were close to being late to her doc appointment. Countless parents and children go through this routine ever day, and have for centuries. Daycare is just a modern extension of 'the village'. It doesn't make it any easier though, and you can't help but feel that you're being a bad parent.

    We'll see how it goes. The daycare people say today went better than yesterday, and we're taking her in for a short time tomorrow, even though we don't really have to. Angela plans on working 3 days a week, and I'm going to try and stay home one of those days. That limits our daycare to only two days a week for the most part, with the occasional 3rd day thrown in there I'm sure for emergencies.

    Well, we'll keep you posted on how it works out!


    Mark Simpson

    Mark Simpson
    I saw this over on Hart's Blog, and had to try it out for myself.


    Happy Kirin!

    Kirin was just too happy when playing with her alphabet toys today!


    Kirin's First Monsoon Adventure!

    Michele picked us up last night to take us to the bead club. The clouds were gray and low, the wind pushing leaves about lazily. The monsoons are unpredictable. No guessing where or even if the storm would break. So we decided to cautiously venture out to the bead store.

    We drove north up to Skyline looking for a sandwich shop on the way. As we went north, the rain began to splatter lightly and the wind picked up a little. A stoplight lost power just as we approached it on River road. Michele bravely and safely forged the intersection. The power loss was a bit surprising as I had not seen or heard any lightning or thunder in the area.

    We continued on to Skyline where we pulled into a parking lot to feed the howling Kirin beast and consider our choice of eateries. The place we had hoped to visit was already closed for the evening. As I perched over the front seat to reach Kirin in her car seat the wind began to gust, the drizzle turned to a downpour. I turned to face forward as the wind rocked the car and the rain obscurred everything beyond the windows. Michele looked rather pale and I imagine I did as well. We agreed to sit and wait out the storm. The car continued to rock, the wind howled and sheets of water beat on the windows creating a cacophony. I thought of calling Mark but I would have had to yell into the phone to be heard over the incredible noise. Then the rain abated just enough to see the trees immediately before us in the parking lot and just a glimpse of the road beyond some 30 or 40 feet. The mesquite tree to our left uprooted and blew over onto the sidewalk with a small thud. A few cars were stopped in the roadway before us but I still could not see the far lane or the opposite side of the road. Kirin continued crying throughout this in fear lonliness or hunger or maybe all three. I climbed over the seat and unstrapped her from the car seat to hold her in my lap. We waited maybe another five minutes and the wind calmed to irregular gusts and the rain slackened to allow us to see across the parking lot. Michele and I could now talk without shouting at one another.

    She drove us cautiously to the grocery store on the other side of the lot. People were dashing in and out of the grocery so we hoped to find food and shelter inside. Michele darted out into the rain, grabed Kirin from my lap and ran under the building's overhanging patio. More ponderously and less gracefully I maneuvered out onto the wet pavement. Even with the cane to help, my boot slipped on the wet blacktop and I came within moments of falling onto the unforgiving asphalt. I caught myself just in time but sustaining a minor muscle pull in the right hip. Fortunately Michele did not see all this flailing about as she was occupied with getting Kirin to the patio. From the patio, Michele dashed and I hobbled to the entrance of the store.

    To our surprise, the staff huddled in the entrance with several customers. The lights were out. The staff had flashlights. Managers were herding people out from the back of the store. They informed us they were closing up but we could wait in the entrance with them out of the rain as it wasn't safe to send any one out into the storm. Kirin sniffled in Michele's arms and then all the staff and customers admired the brave wet baby.

    Wonder of all wonders the rain slowed to a drizzle and we could finally see all across the parking lot and into the roads. By now we were all soaking wet and shivering. We dashed ( I use the term loosely ) back to the car and turned on the heater. Cars were moving cautiously on the roadways through the blackened intersection. We agreed to try a few more miles in hopes of finding food power and shelter in the direction of the bead store. Michele drove most carefully with us. We stopped at Aj's on Campell and Skyline to attend to our creture comforts.

    Michele had never been to Aj's so we had dinner and shopped. By the time we had enjoyed all the store had to offer the rain had stopped. The wind had settled to a gentle breeze. Rainbows arched across the sunset while the luminous silver, gray and multihued blues of the clouds hung over the Catalinas like a benediction from the Storm Gods. We drove home uneventfully with many good eats in our bags, full tummies, a sleeping baby and without any beads after Kiri's first monsoon adventure.



    Kirin rolled over by herself today! Hurray!!


    Another Doctor's Appt.

    Angela goes to the doctor....again!

    The leg is healing well. It needs to grow more bone and have more range of motion. I am permitted to walk short distances without the boot at home. Outside I am to use the boot and ditch the walker. Well, I am more than a little off balance so I have been using a cane. Indoors, without the boot, I am struggling and still need the walker. Despite all these rules, I am much more mobile, independent and feeling better.

    Also on a positive note. I may return to work as early as August. The details are still kinda fuzzy but it sounds like part time at Sonoran Health Center. That's the best place I've worked in the past 4 years. They may even hire a friend of mine too! More on that as the story breaks.

    Kirin is growing well and happy. She is occasionally sleeping 6 hours a night. Most nights its more like 4, 2 and 2. Those nights are kinda uncomfortable for the grown ups. She is happy and talkative in the mornigs. That is usually when we play, squirm around, and talk to each other. In the afternoons she is fussy and tired and pretty loud about it. Yesterday she learned how to pout! She stuck out her lower lip, squinted her eyes and whined at Mark. It was terribly cute and funny. Then she got really mad because we were laughing at her. She is truly starting to develop her own personality.


    New Pictures

    We've gotten a few complaints that there were no new pictures of Kirin up in the past few weeks. Very sorry for the delay! She's eating and growing fast. She's starting to sleep longer at night, averaging about 4 hours at a time. That's up nicely from the two or two and a half hour blocks she was doing a week or so ago. We've even gotten lucky a few nights with some six to eight hour blocks.

    Mornings are the best time so far with her. She's very attentive and happy. We try and do our tummy time in the morning, so she can get a feel for her arms and legs under her, and pushing her head up. She has a nice strong neck so far! We'll see how long it is until she's making crawling motions.

    She's also nice and vocal in the morning. That is to say, her vocalizations are nice and pleasant. She makes plenty of noise all day long, just it gets progressively less pleasant as the day goes on.

    Late afternoons and evenings are a challenge right now. She's starting to get tired, but won't sleep. She seems to swing quickly from hungry, to cranky, to fussy, back to hungry, and then to cranky. It's usually a bit rough from 5 or so until she finally goes to sleep around 9. Somewhere in there we find time to eat. Usually. Bouncing her in our arms is about the only thing we can do to comfort her, but its hard to bounce her for 4 hours. :)

    You can see more pictures at



    First week of therapy went well. They are taking it easy on me. I've been walking alot, which is nice. Pool therapy is fun. A few more weeks till July when I go back to the doctor. Can't wait!


    Kirin and Angela's Dr's Visits

    Kirin went to the doctor last week and weighed in at 10 pounds. She is growing quickly. This puts her squarely in the 50th percentile for size. She also got a bunch of shots. Poor thing! She didn't like that much but she calmed down quickly. They gave her the cutest little spot band-aids! Every one smiles when they see Mark pushing my wheelchair while I push the baby stroller! Got to get a picture of that.

    We all went to the orthopedist on Tuesday. The x-rays are looking good. The doc said I can walk while wearing my fancy boot and start physical therapy. HURRAY!! I have been walking about cautiously since then using my walker. I hope when I feel stronger and get used to walking again that I can get rid of the walker. Maybe use a cane instead. I feel like a granny! In physical therapy I get to play in the pool. I'll get to walk in the water without the boot! The doc hopes to get rid of the boot in another 4 weeks or so.

    So now that I am up and moving around, I have to think about the full-time job offer I got from my favorite place to work. They say I can bring little Kirin to work with me. I just don't know how that will work out.

    As for the big picture, things are looking better!


    Angela's Birthday

    Angela's birthday is coming up July 2nd. We don't have a plan for her party yet, but she has started her birthday list also, it is linked off on the right side.



    It's my birthday time! June 6th falls on a Wednesday this year, so I'm thinking about doing a party thing on the following Saturday, June 9th. I don't think we're going to do a huge fancy party like we did for 30. It's just too much work right now with a new baby and all. So I'm thinking about doing just a rolling get together. If you've been looking for a good excuse to come by and see Kirin, this is it! I think we'll be ready for visitors by about 1pm, so any time after that, probably until 8pm or so, just stop by, say hi, have a drink, play some Warcraft etc.

    My birthday list is up on the side here, and is having a Memorial Day sale on all the remote switch stuff.

    Don't sweat presents and stuff, we're much happier with the visiting at this point. I think we're both feeling a little cabin fever. I've put up a map to our house on the right side menu.


    Kirin Awake

    She doesn't always sleep. :) Every once in a while she's actually awake, and not crying or eating!


    Mother's Day & Visits From Family

    Angela's brother came to visit last week. He and his wife had their first daughter about a year ago now, and Katie is big! They have been such a help to us by sending us TONS of baby stuff. Clothes, sheets, playpens, rockers, bassinets, toys, more clothes, bottles, you name it. Kirin and Katie got along great, and we have a few awesome pictures of them on the couch.

    Later that weekend, Angela's parents came down again for Mother's day. They helped out a bunch by cleaning. Angela was all glowy for her first mother's day! Kirin slept through most of it.

    Cousins Sleep


    New Pictures Below

    Check out the new pictures from today's family get together. Marty, Dave, Great Grandparents, Aunt Annie and the brothers came to visit. Every one got pictures of the little Kir-ling. Mark has made a lovely slideshow out of the best pictures.


    Kirin Photo Slideshow

    Playing around with different ways to link slideshows to the website.

    The full slideshow can be seen at: