Angela Jenningss

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Chapter 9 Childhood, Abuse and the Escape from Religion

I can attest that three year olds don’t come with religion. In fact, they don’t come with civilization. It is a parents responsibility to teach and lead by example as best they can.

I clearly remember being an atheist at the age of 8 years old. I was raised pretty much free of religion. I don’t recall ever going to church until high school. My only exposure to religion prior to Catholic High School was the secular celebrations of Christmas and Easter. Possibly I went to church once or twice with my Catholic grandparents, but I can’t really be sure.¬†

There are so many things children need to learn in this society. All those basic skills of eating, dressing, living together and everything else in Kindergarten. How does a religious education at this age benefit a pre-schooler? We read quite a few stories with morals and lessons. Thus far, I have avoided traditional children’s bible stories. I don’t see how Noah’s Ark will benefit a child who is unaware of this God character. Besides, what does it teach that she needs? God (Who’s that?) will punish you and then reward you for various strange behaviors? How did Noah get all those animals on a boat anyway?

Marty believes the children should be exposed to these ideas. To that end, she brought over Mark’s old book of children’s stories and his bible. However, as far as I know, Kirin has no concept of God and has never asked about it. ¬†Considering she asks about everything else (including car fairies), I would expect her to ask if she wanted to know. So I don’t know what effect these stories would have on her.

I think allowing her to stay in a state of original ignorance for as long as possible is best. I hope this will prevent the idea from deeply taking root when she does encounter it.