Angela Jenningss

2 minute read

The plan is to ruminate and cogitate upon some of the things I have been reading lately. I have started writing in my paper journal as time and ideas permit. I intend to edit and upload it here. The paper version may be more convenient. However, quite a lot of the things I wish to ponder can be found on the internet and linking to other articles is just too useful to ignore. Hopefully, dumping some of these ideas onto ‘paper’ will stop them from rattling around in my sleep deprived mind at 4 am.

Again, the plan was to begin with some thoughts on the introductory quotation in Victor Stenger’s The New Atheism: Taking a Stand for Science and Reason. I do plan to do that in the near future. Instead, this morning when I sat down with pen and paper (!) I started at the beginning. The first page concerns childhood, mine and my children’s. That shall be the first real post I think. It may require referencing Dawkin’s chapter in The God Delusion regarding the indoctrination of children into religion.The more practical need to determine the proper way to raise children may take precedence over the simple intellectual pleasure of philosophizing. On to Plan B.

I shall continue to write on paper over the next few days and then post a more coherent version of my thoughts about childhood. We shall see what develops.