Mark Fischer

2 minute read

We went to rocky point this past week and had a blast. We traded in another week of our timeshare and stayed at the Mayan Palace in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. The resort was really nice, but its not finished yet. The wing we stayed in didn’t have it’s heat until the day before we left. We had a couple space heaters though, and we didn’t freeze.

We spent most of the week sitting in our room doing nothing. It was great! We read books, slept, ordered room service a lot, and played video games. We brough our Xbox down with us and hooked it up to their TV. A week of doing nothing is a great stress reliever, and I recommend it to everyone!

We did take some trips into town, where we bought some neat stuff for our new house. [pics to come of that!]. We also took one boat ride out to bird island with the folks at Lobo Del Mar. There are a ton of birds there, and about two thousand sea lions year round. One of the birds is the Blue Footed Boobie, which is endangered, and a big reasion why the islands are a wildlife sanctuary in Mexico.

The sea lions pups are really friendly. It was a shame the weather was so cold, because you can go snorkeling with them and they’ll play with you.

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