Mark Fischer

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We took a week off and headed down the mountain to Sedona. It’s not very far, but we never spend that much time there. We own a timeshare so we swapped in for a week in Sedona. We did some hiking, some shopping, some eating, and a lot of relaxing.

We got in late saturday night, hit the grocery store for some basic supplies and went to bed. Sunday we drove out of town a short distance to the Devil’s Bridge trail. It’s a pretty short trail, but the last little bit is up these really steep stairs. The bridge itself is pretty cool, and the views were great.

Angela on the trail
Mark & Angela.
Devil's Bridge

Monday we found this little magic/kite shop. So we bought a kite. I’ve always liked flying kites, and it’s been quite a while since i had flown one. We drove up Schnebly Hill road out of Sedona and got to a good spot to fly the kite.

We got in two good flights, the second one ended with the kite up a tree. So i had to climb up and get it down. Kite retrieved, it was getting dark and we headed back down to town.

Mark & Kite.
Getting Late

On tuesday, Angela’s parents drove up from phx and we took a jeep tour out to the Honanki Indian ruins. The road really sucks, and having a good 4 wheel drive jeep helped. The ruins are pretty amazing. It’s hard to believe you can actually get this close to ruins anymore. Most of the good sites are either completely off limits, or you have to be so far away its almost not worth it.

Honanki Indian ruins
Angela & Jan at the Honanki Indian ruins
Honanki petrogyphs

On thursday we did another short hike. Cathedral Rock is a little south of Sedona. It gets into real rock climbing about half way up. We didnt quite make it to the top since we had to be somewhere too soon.

Cathedral Rock

Once we were done rock hopping, it was a dash back to the resort for Dream Catcher class!

Angela @ Dream Catcher Class

It turns out these aren’t too hard to make. After one class i saw one of the three dimensional ones, and figured out how to make one of those. I’ll have to take a picture of some of our completed ones.

Later in the day one of our friends came down from Flag and brought our dogs so we could go play in the river with them.

Angela, Dana, Alex & Josie

Friday my parents came up from Phx, and we went out to a really nice (expensive) dinner. Oh so much good food in this place.

Cathedral Rock

All in all we had a really great laid back time. Too short of course, neither of us is eager to return to work tomorrow. We’ll be back I’m sure for more hiking and dining!