Mark Fischer

2 minute read

Well it’s official, we’re out of Flagstaff :cry:

Angela and I got tired of her driving back and forth to Camp Verde all week. So she quit there and the search began for a new job. Near this time my good friend from U of A and I got to talking about coming to work for her there. Things worked out better than I could have imagined, and so we’re heading down to Tucson. Angela’s been there for three weeks working already, and she really likes her job.

My last day at NAU was Wednesday which was sad. They threw me a great party on Monday though, and it was a blast. This was my first job where I got a going away party, so I must have done some good work for them.

I’ve spent the last few days working on the house. We need to sell the house, and that’s sort of the last thing we need to do with Flagstaff. Both my family and Angela’s have been up over the past few weeks to help get the house in order. The inside of the house is almost finished being painted, the cracks are patched, the stains are painted, and darnit if the house doesn’t look pretty good!

Anyhow, I’m heading down to Tucson Saturday morning. My new job working for the U of A’s new Office of Student Computing Resources starts monday. I’ve already got my first meeting lined up. I’ll be helping to manage some of their multimedia labs. It will be a blast I think, I used to work in one of these labs eight years ago as a student worker, so I’ve got the whole full circle thing going for me.

New things, new times. I’m sure we’ll all do well!