Mark Fischer

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We’re in Italy! Tuesday and Wednesday were spent on planes. It’s about 3 hours from Phoenix to Atlanta, about 7 hours from Atlanta to Paris, and then about 2 hours from Paris to Pisa. Ann and Mark managed to get some of their luggage lost, but there’s some hope that it will show up today or tomorrow.

The apartments we have are really nice. It’s about 20 minutes northwest of Pisa in a the small village of Migliarino. They sub-devided an old farmhouse into about 6 separate apartments. We have the largest one I think, with 3 rooms, sleeping 8 total. We have a full kitchen which David has put to good use so far, cooking pasta (go figure) and some great stew. We have an oven, so pizza is coming I’m sure.

Yesterday we had our orientation with the rest of the Untours people. We had our first taste of driving unescorted around the Italian countryside. Mostly you just have to be pushy otherwise you’ll never get anywhere. We drove about 25 minutes from Migliarino where we’re staying, east through Santa Maria del Guidice to a little restaurant where we had our orientation. Everyone else in the group seems to be from the US. About half of us are in Migliarino, and the other have are in Calci, just northeast of Pisa.

We managed to find a grocery store where we stocked up on some food. Angela is still having stomach troubles so we were happy to find somewhere we could get her some food since most of what we brought is in our lost piece of luggage. After lunch we had an exploratory trip into Pisa to check out an internet cafe and try and get online. Bad luck is they didn’t have a wireless setup, and we couldn’t figure out how to get Mark’s laptop registered with their DHCP server, so no luck getting the TiBook online. Fortunately, I did remember to bring my USB stick so we can copy photos and such onto their computers for posting. I hope to do some research while I’m here and see about free/pay wireless hotspots around town. If anyone comes up with any info let Mark know. It would be awesome if we could find something in or around Migliarino, since getting in and out of Pisa is a bit of a chore.

I know everyone is dying to know so… yes, it leans. Today we have the tower tour planned, along with the rest of the buildings. More walking about Pisa, then back to the farmhouse for wine and cheese. Oh things are rough.

More to come!

Eric! Go check your email!!