Mark Fischer

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Monday Oct 10

We drove up to Pescia, the flower capital of Italy. We wandered through the town, across the old bridge, and down to the Church of San Francesca. The church is on the Plaza Mazzini, and contains the oldest know portrait of Saint Francis, dating from 1235.

We crossed the Pescia river again across a modern footbridge (1950’s?) and photographed the old bridge and clock tower.

We drove back to Pisa, and partied with the other Untour winos in the apartment nect to ours.

Tuesday Oct 11

We drove east of Pisa to the small village of Zambra. Here we were treated to the eccentric collections of a gentleman of the village. His specialties are old tools and utensils, some dating from over a hundred years ago. Many machines, including metal bending and forming mills, electrical voltmeters and ampmeters, and farm implements. Ancient sycles and two handed scythes, wood yoked wood and metal plows, and tractors and steam powered thrashing machines from the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Inside we found a wonderful collection of watches and clocks to thrill Eric’s heart. The piece de resistance was a framed, glassed collection of pocket watches that are all in working order. His wife described thems as “tutto ’tick-tick-tick’” and “oro y argento”. They all ticked, and were cased by gold and silver. They were magnificent. “Bellissimo”.