David Fischer

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Friday 14 Oct. The return to Firenza.

On Tuesday, we arranged for tickets to see Michaelangelo’s “David”, usually considered the world’s most beautiful sculpture. We took the Autostrada to Florence. It is necessary to stay in the right lane, as the left is for the “fast” cars. You pass on the left and dive back into the right lane only after carefully looking at least two kilometers behind you. I was comfortable at 120 kph (75 mph), but was frequently passed by folks doing perhaps 160-180. I felt I was standing still.

We arrived safely (to which this post attests), and parked in the underground lot at the train station. We checked in at the Galleria Dell’ Acadameia, and then turned south toward the Duomo and dome of Brunlleschi. Mark, Angela, Marty and Dave climbed all 463 steps the the top of the dome, and we have the photographs to prove it. It is absolutely marvelous.

Following lunch, we meandered back to the Acadameia and got in line. Our line was for “prenotati”. The really long line stretching around the building was for “non prenotati”. There is a distinct advantage to having reservations.

The Acadameia has a long history. Before it became the arts teaching institute, it was a hospital. In 1877, it was decided to move the “David” inside to protect it from the weather. And this is where it resides to this day.

It is a phenominal work. It is 13 feet tall, and the block of marble was abandoned in despair by two previous sculpters before Michaelangelo cut away everything that did not look like David.

We wandered back down to the Arno, and walked across the Ponte Vecchio. Another place to spend a fortune. This timne in gold. The Medici established to goldsmiths on the bridge as a way of cleaning up the riff raff that had occupied the bridge before. They gnomes with the gold have lived there ever since.

As evening settled in, we recrossed on a bridge to the west, and walked up through Gucci Gulch. Armani and all the rest were represented, and another fortune was contemplated therein.

We arrive back at the apartment in Migliarino late. And slept well.