Dave Fischer

1 minute read

The late night phone call in Pisa, Italy was our son, Eric, informing us that the countertop people had called. We were excited.

“Well, the bad news is that the manufacturer made a mistake with your batch, which we rejected. Instead of the middle of October, it will be the middle of November.”

We were not excited.

But all is for the best in this best of all possible worlds. Marty has been mumbling something about the countertop material she had selected looking a lot like the linoleum floor in the halls of Carl Hayden High School where she teaches.

So we arrived back in Phoenix, collected samples and selected a new style and color. Mike Holt, our countertop guy, informed us that this was the up and coming most popular style and DuPont was raising the price by 20 bucks a square foot. We had 80 square feet on order. But not until January, he added. So we signed. Installation was this past Friday.

Nifty devices (vacuum sealed to countertop) for leveling and pulling the seam together.

Close up of the surface.