Mark Fischer

2 minute read

Just in case having our first child wasn’t enough excitement for us, we’ve decided to move as well! We’ve spent 2 years in this house, and while we love the house itself, the location and yard (or lack thereof) has always been a sore spot with us. Our poor dogs are really unhappy with the yard, and we finally got fed up with the neighbors. So we’re moving.

We found a nice 50s style house a bit farther east of where we live now, but still in town. Its still really close to where Angela is working (she’s changing jobs again too, even more excitement), and I’m only a tiny bit farther away from the university. The house was newly remodeled, and has a brand new kitchen. There are new floors, tile in the whole house except for the bedrooms.

In the grad tradition of my geek-dom, I have created a 3D model of the house, mostly to learn SketchUp , but also to serve as a good floor-plan for home automation stuff, and to show to people who ask ‘so what’s it look like?’.

We need some electrical work done to get our 220v dryer hooked up, and maybe to get some of the home automation stuff working. We’re also going to get new windows, currently there are good old single pane glass windows. They’re not exactly the most efficient windows, nor the safest.

Things are moving pretty fast on the house, we’re set to sign loan documents next week, and close a little after that. We should be all settled in before Halloween!