Angela Jennings

2 minute read

Angela goes to the doctor….again!

The leg is healing well. It needs to grow more bone and have more range of motion. I am permitted to walk short distances without the boot at home. Outside I am to use the boot and ditch the walker. Well, I am more than a little off balance so I have been using a cane. Indoors, without the boot, I am struggling and still need the walker. Despite all these rules, I am much more mobile, independent and feeling better.

Also on a positive note. I may return to work as early as August. The details are still kinda fuzzy but it sounds like part time at Sonoran Health Center. That’s the best place I’ve worked in the past 4 years. They may even hire a friend of mine too! More on that as the story breaks.

Kirin is growing well and happy. She is occasionally sleeping 6 hours a night. Most nights its more like 4, 2 and 2. Those nights are kinda uncomfortable for the grown ups. She is happy and talkative in the mornigs. That is usually when we play, squirm around, and talk to each other. In the afternoons she is fussy and tired and pretty loud about it. Yesterday she learned how to pout! She stuck out her lower lip, squinted her eyes and whined at Mark. It was terribly cute and funny. Then she got really mad because we were laughing at her. She is truly starting to develop her own personality.