Mark Fischer

2 minute read

We’ve gotten a few complaints that there were no new pictures of Kirin up in the past few weeks. Very sorry for the delay! She’s eating and growing fast. She’s starting to sleep longer at night, averaging about 4 hours at a time. That’s up nicely from the two or two and a half hour blocks she was doing a week or so ago. We’ve even gotten lucky a few nights with some six to eight hour blocks.

Mornings are the best time so far with her. She’s very attentive and happy. We try and do our tummy time in the morning, so she can get a feel for her arms and legs under her, and pushing her head up. She has a nice strong neck so far! We’ll see how long it is until she’s making crawling motions.

She’s also nice and vocal in the morning. That is to say, her vocalizations are nice and pleasant. She makes plenty of noise all day long, just it gets progressively less pleasant as the day goes on.

Late afternoons and evenings are a challenge right now. She’s starting to get tired, but won’t sleep. She seems to swing quickly from hungry, to cranky, to fussy, back to hungry, and then to cranky. It’s usually a bit rough from 5 or so until she finally goes to sleep around 9. Somewhere in there we find time to eat. Usually. Bouncing her in our arms is about the only thing we can do to comfort her, but its hard to bounce her for 4 hours. :)

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