Mark Fischer

1 minute read

We headed over to San Diego again this summer for the week of the 4th of July. Mostly hanging out with Angela’s family, hitting the Zoo and the beach!

We stayed in a small hotel on Shelter Island. Breakfast in the morning by the pier with hot cocoa!

There is a little beach right nearby, of course the girls immediately ran off and got soaked in the sand. Weeks afterwards, when you ask the girls what they liked most about the trip, its the beach they remember.

We went to the San Diego Zoo on another day for the first time. This place is huge! Were were there about 6 hours, and we maybe saw 30% of the place?

We did get to see the pandas which was pretty cool.

And of course, we had to stop by the petting zoo :)

We also went to the ships of the maritime museum. They have a ‘brand new’ old ship there which is a modern re-creation of a 15th century ship from the age of exploration.

For Angela’s birthday we went to the Fishmarket and stuffed ourselves silly!

All in all, an excellent trip with a wonderful family.