Mark Fischer

1 minute read

Wow, it is really hard to register a complaint with Apple. Good job hiding any ability to contact Apple behind a maze of distracting options.

Why does Apple reject an app like nin: access for ‘objectionable’ material, when the same objectionable material is accessible through mobile Safari, or the iTunes music store? If Apple wants to continue to push the iPhone / iPod Touch platform as a true mobile computer, it must relinquish arbitrary and artificial restrictions like this. This is my device, and I will put whatever content I want to on it. Up to now I’ve been able to do that without resorting to jailbreaking. If this is no longer true, I will have to look at the alternatives.

I’ve been a pretty happy Apple customer for decades now, but the arbitrary social restrictions Apple is imposing on this device have me very unsettled. I will not be purchasing any upgrades to this platform unless this situation changes.

I do not need Apple to protect me from the evils of the world. Please leave that up to parents and adults.

You cannot censor the internet.

Sincerely, Mark Fischer